Saturday, April 26 and Sunday, April 27 2014

     The 2014 Xpressbet Anything Goes Handicapping Tournament is a
two-day event held at Pimlico Race Course. The first day, all entrants
compete against each other for one of sixteen spots on Day 2. Players
will begin with a live $200 bankroll and can make any available wager
throughout the day, as long as multi-race bets fall within the races offered
in the tournament. At the end of Day 1, the top sixteen finishers will be
assigned a seed 1-16 determined by the player's ending bankroll.

     Day 2 will be a head-to-head bracketed tournament featuring the top
sixteen qualifiers from Day 1. Pimlico’s live product will be the only races
available to wager on Day 2. Each round will consist of two races and
there will be a one race gap between each round. Each player will carry
over their net bankroll earned from Day 1. The player in the head-to-head
matchup with the highest accumulated bankroll throughout the tournament
will advance to the next round of the head-to-head tournament. Players can
place any wager during the head-to-head portion of the tournament as
long as multi-race bets fall within the races offered each round.


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