Dear Horsemen,

The Maryland Jockey Club welcomes you to Maryland racing.  It is our desire to ensure that your racing experiences in Maryland are pleasant and memorable ones.

To obtain a license please visit the Maryland DLLR website at and click on the Multi-Jurisdictional License Application on the right side of the page.


 On August 1, 2015 the regulation establishing a threshold for Cobalt will be effective. Any horse whose blood specimen is found to exceed 25nanograms per milliliter of blood plasma or serum shall be considered a positive finding. The Stewards and Judges shall be instructed to apply this regulation in the following manner:

1)      A horse which tests between 25 nanograms per milliliter of blood plasma or serum and 50 nanograms per milliliter of blood plasma or serum shall be placed on the vets list and not be permitted to start in a race until the horse tests below 25 nanograms per milliliter of blood plasma or serum. All costs associated with any retesting shall be paid for by the owner of the horse.

2)      A horse that exceeds 50 nanograms per milliliter of blood plasma or serum shall be disqualified, the trainer of the horse shall be suspended and/or fined at the discretion of the Stewards or Judges and assessed points under the multiple medication violation point system. As previously stated the horse shall be placed on the vets list and not permitted to start in a race until the horse tests below 25 nanograms per milliliter of blood plasma or serum. All costs associated with retesting the horse shall be paid for by the owner of the horse.

J. Michael Hopkins
Executive Director
Maryland Racing Commission

August 1, 2015
Dirt Track:  Toe grabs with a heigth greater than four (4) millimeters, bends, jar caulks, stickers, and any other traction device worn on the front shoes of the thoroughbred horses while racing or training on all racing surfaces at any MJC race track are prohibited.
Turf Course:  No shoes with caulks, raised toes, mud nails, or bent shoes will be allowed on the turf course.  Only flat, Queen's Plate, Queen's Plate XT, Silver Queen's and Factory Wedge will be allowed.

Effective January 1, 2014 the horse you enter to run at Pimlico that is eligible to use Lasix will be administered Lasix by the designated Commission veterinarian.

You are responsible for providing the Lasix Clerk, Melanie Martin the dosage information for your horse. She can be contacted at Pimlico at Extension 4455 or by Cell at 443-631-4891.

Jillian Tullock
Racing Secretary
Maryland Jockey Club

Horsemen’s Accounts
All accounts to be established must have a valid Maryland Racing Commission license and a completed W-9 on file with the horsemen’s bookkeeping office.  No check will be issued without a current license and a valid W-9 on file.  In order to change your address you will also need to complete a new W-9. (Download a W-9 form here)

All checks to be deposited into your racing account should be made payable to the Maryland Thoroughbred Purse Account, Inc.


Please be advised that if you have claimed a horse at the current Pimlico Race Spring Meeting which concludes on June 6. 2015, the claimed horse remains in “jail” and may not race outside the State of Maryland during the 60 day period which started the day after the horse was claimed unless 1) to participate in a claiming race for a price which would cause the horse to become ineligible to be entered at Laurel or Pimlico, or 2) to participate in a stakes race, or 3) during the scheduled absence of a live thoroughbred race meet in Maryland for at least 15 days.

 If a claimed horse’s ‘jail” time is between June 7, 2015 and July 2, 2015 when there is no live Maryland racing being conducted, that horse may run outside the State of Maryland; however, when live racing resumes at Laurel and the 60 day jail time for that horse has not expired, that horse is required to return to Maryland when live racing resumes to complete its “jail” time.

Equine Injury Database

In consideration of the acceptance of a nomination of any horse to any race described in this condition Book, the owner(s) and trainer of such horse consent to the collection of information related to any equine injury occurring at the Laurel Racing Assoc. Inc. (“Laurel”) or The Maryland Jockey Club of Baltimore City, Inc. (“Pimlico”) or Bowie Training Center (“Bowie”) to such horse and entry of said information into a database maintained by The Jockey Club (the “Equine Injury Database”). Said owner(s) and trainer further agree to indemnify, release, hold harmless and covenant not to sue Magna Entertainment Corp. and the Laurel Racing Assoc. Inc. (“Laurel”), The Maryland Jockey Club of Baltimore City, Inc. (“Pimlico”), and Bowie Training Center (“Bowie”),any state or track-appointed veterinarian collecting such information and The Jockey Club (collectively, the “Indemnified Parties”) from and against any liability, cost, loss, or expense of any kind or nature (including, without limitation, reasonable attorneys’ fees ) arising from any claim, demand, or action (a) alleging that the data entered into the Equine Injury Database (either directly or indirectly ) violates the rights of the owner(s), trainer or any third party, or (b) relating to any equine injury report run, published or otherwise created by any of the Indemnified Parties, including the owners, stewards, directors, officers, employees and agents of any of them (either directly or indirectly).


Horses shipping in all MJC facilities must have a Health Certificate with the information below with the horse, before the horse will be allowed to come through the stable gate.

You must have a health certificate dated within 72 hours of arrival with a rectal temperature and a certificate of veterinary inspection containing the following statement and signed by the attending veterinarian.


A. Have not originated from a barn with a confirmed or suspect case of
herpes virus, nor have shown signs suggestive of this disease, nor have
been febrile within the previous 3 weeks.

B. Have not originated from nor been stabled on a premise under quarantine
or restriction due to EHV-1 or from a premise which has had herpes virus
diagnosed during the previous 30 day period.

C. Have been vaccinated against EHV-1 no less than 7 days and no greater
than 90 days.