Accessibility Guide for Pimlico Race Course

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Accessible Seating
Pimlico Race Course offers many services and amenities to accommodate the needs of persons with disabilities. It is our belief that the needs of our guests with disabilities should simply be an extension of the same courtesies that we tender to all guests and employees. We take pride in serving our guests and hope you enjoy your visit at Pimlico Race Course.

Accessible restroom can be located in the Clubhouse Levels 1, 2 & 3. Grandstand restrooms are located on the 2nd Level and Concourse restrooms can be found on the 1st Level.

Accessible Concessions can be found on the 1st Level of the Clubhouse, 1st Level Concourse and the 1st and 2nd Level Grandstand.Concessions that are not accessible are on the 3rd Level Grandstand and the 2nd Level Concourse.

All public elevators at Pimlico Race Course are accessible to our guests. Elevators can be found at the following locations:

·         Clubhouse Level 1

·         Grandstand Level 1 by the First Aid Office

Guest Service Centers
There is a Guest Service Center located on the 1st Level of the Clubhouse year round. An additional site is available on the 1st Level of the Grandstand on Preakness Day.

Service Animals
Service animals are allowed in Pimlico Race Course. All other animals & pets are prohibited. Please see a day of staff member if any accommodations are required.

The Preakness Ticket Office is located outside of the Grandstand Entrance. Open Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm. For more ticket information call the Ticket Office at (410) 542-9400.

Sunrise at Old Hilltop Tours take place in the morning hours a few days leading up to the Preakness and are accessible.

Wheelchair Companioned Seating

Wheelchair accessible seating sections are located:

·         Clubhouse Box Sections 1-12 (Row N only)

·         Grandstand Apron Box 1-29 (All seats)

·         Grandstand Lower Box Section 1-40 (Row I only)

·         Concourse Apron Box 29-90 (All seats)

·         Terrace Dining Room, Hall Fame Room and Sports Palace Dining Room

All parking lots are accessible. 

The closest accessible parking lot is VIP Hayward Parking Lot; located within 80 feet of the Grandstand entrance.

The Infield entrance on Pimlico Road is accessible but has uneven ground when crossing the track.  The best entrance for accessible patrons that park in Preakness Way Lot 4 is the Rogers Gate entrance on Rogers Ave.

Pimlico does NOT provide shuttles from any of our parking lots to the facility.