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Three on the Turf for Friday Stronach 5

$100,000 Guaranteed Pool, 12-Percent Takeout     
Free Past Performances, All-Star Ticket

LAUREL, MD – Friday’s Stronach 5 will have another $100,000 guaranteed pool with races from Laurel Park and Gulfstream Park.

Lots of Winners in Friday’s Stronach 5

79 Bettors Each Receive $1,640.30

LAUREL – Friday’s Stronach 5, featuring races from Laurel Park and Gulfstream Park, rewarded 79 bettors with $1,640.30.

$100,000 Guaranteed Pool for Friday’s Stronach 5

All-Star Ticket­­, Free Past Performances, Industry-Low 12-Percent Takeout

LAUREL, MD – Friday’s Stronach 5, featuring races from Gulfstream Park and Laurel Park, will once again have a guaranteed pool of $100,000 as well as an industry-low 12-percent takeout and free past performances.

Friday’s sequence kicks off at 4:50 p.m. with 3-year-olds and up going 5 ½ furlongs at Laurel and will conclude with a 7 ½ furlong turf event at Gulfstream Park for maiden fillies and mares.

One Winner Takes Home $131,942 in Friday’s Stronach 5

LAUREL, MD – There was one winning ticket in Friday’s Stronach 5, and that ticket was worth a whopping $131,942.80.

The Stronach 5 began and ended with favorites, but the three races between brought big payoffs.

Gulfstream, Laurel Featured in Friday’s Stronach 5

Free Past Performances, $100,000 Guaranteed Pool
Industry-Low 12-Percent Takeout
Video: All-Star Ticket

LAUREL, MD –The Stronach 5, which has proven over the past several months to offer a strong return on investment, will feature races from Gulfstream Park and Laurel Park when it kicks off Friday at 4:50 p.m.

The Stronach 5 features a $100,000 guaranteed pool, free past performances, an industry-low 12-percent takeout, and an All-Star ticket.

Stronach 5 Rewards 46 Winners Each with $2,434

LAUREL, MD –The Stronach 5, featuring races from Laurel Park and Gulfstream Park, had 46 winners Friday with each receiving $2,434.10.

The winning combination was: 6/1,6,9,10/8/3/13

The sequence began with Laurel Park’s eighth race and a $12.20 winner in Fed Up Fired Up. It ended with Gulfstream Park’s ninth race and Fantasizing winning at 2-1.

Four on the Turf in Friday’s Stronach 5

$100,000 Guaranteed Pool, Free Past Performances

LAUREL, MD – Along with a $100,000 guaranteed pool and industry-low 12-percent takeout, Friday’s Stronach 5 will feature four turf races from Gulfstream Park and Laurel Park.

Friday’s Stronach 5: 109 Winning Tickets Each Worth $1,347.70

LAUREL, MD – There were 109 winning tickets in Friday’s Stronach 5, each worth $1,347.70.

The fourth leg of Friday’s Stronach 5, the fifth race from Santa Anita, became an ‘all’ due to a program error.

Friday’s Stronach 5 sequence

●   Leg One – Laurel Park 9th Race – High Noon Rider $5.80

●   Leg Two - Gulfstream Park 7th Race – La Incondicional $11.80

$496 Each for 297 Stronach 5 Winners

LAUREL, MD – There were 297 Stronach 5 winners Friday, each walking away with $496.

The coast-to-coast wager, with an industry-low 12-percent takeout and $100,000 guaranteed pool, had its higher win price in the first leg with Nate’s Tizzy returning $7.60 in Laurel Park’s ninth race. Races seven and nine at Gulfstream, both scheduled for the turf and part of the Stronach 5, were moved to the main track due to afternoon rain in South Florida.

Friday’s Stronach 5 sequence

Friday’s Stronach 5 Begins with 4 on the Turf

Free Past Performances, $100,000 Guaranteed Pool

LAUREL, MD – The Stronach 5 will take to the turf Friday with its first four races scheduled on the turf at Laurel Park, Gulfstream Park and Santa Anita Park.